Douglas Ginter is an author of 3 books and even though he has over twenty years’ experience in the health care industry, Ginter has always been a passionate collector and researcher of Gold and Silver.  No other metal compares to the unique nature of Gold.

My poor friends have heard me preach for over 30 years about Gold.  Why you should own it, types to collect and why it is an amazing precious metal. I wanted to write a book on Gold for years, even though I thought I was knowledgeable, I was surprised on what I discovered.  Ginter co-started a silver coin manufacturer company in the 80’s.    We produced thousands of commemorative coins.

 Mr. Ginter, co-author with Dr. Weis of “My Hormones: A Simple Guide to Better and Longer Living”, is a member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Pharmacists Association, California Pharmacy Association, and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists.

Other books include;
Total Male, Saving your life by taking charge of your sexual health
Total Female, Take charge of your sexual health.

Gold: The Most Precious Of Metals

About book

What’s the deal with Gold? 

Why do people collect it? 

Is it truly worth collecting? 

Find answers to all these questions and more in this helpful guide to Gold!

No matter what questions about gold keep you up at night, this book will help your busy mind relax. Douglas Ginter has been researching gold for a long time and has much to say regarding not just the fascinating history of Gold, but also the rich make up of this precious element. 

From it’s early use as decorations to religious artifacts made entirely of gold, to the various supply and demand of gold across various countries and the effect of Gold on economies, this tell-all book will keep you reading until the very end.

Gold: The Most Precious Of Metals

Gold: The Most Precious Of Metals

This book will teach you: 

  • Where Gold Comes From
  • The Purchase and Storing of Gold across Countries
  • How Inflation Effects Gold
  • How Gold Stacks Up to Bitcoin in Investing
  • Gold vs. Silver Investing
  • How Gold Ties into Religions
  • Common, Major uses of Gold
  • And so much more!

For over 6000 years, man has coveted Gold, this book uncovers why while giving you a balanced, fair assessment of whether you should own Gold. Gold is precious, and so is knowledge.

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